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Summer 2006, marokko

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More family

My dad, uncle and mother. They are about to have diner and before that my uncle was playing cards as u can see Lees verder...

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Photo's of our vacation in marocco

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Trouble all over

Hi evryone,

Obviously my sister Sanna isn't keeping this weblog up to date so i will take over the job Knipoog 

Our parents are still in marocco but my brother Yassin has come back with his friend last week, so are with the 3 of us now.

Yesterday we had a little situation, because my mother's flight was yesterday and she read the ticket wrong and thought it was today. So she missed her flight and yassin was waiting for her on the airport. When she didn't show up, we called her and she didn't know her flight was that morning....drama drama. My dad went to the travelagency in marocco and explained the situation. So he had to put up 70 euro's to change the ticket for a flight on friday (tomorrow). So we are all happy it turned out all right because else the ticket was gone and that would be a shame.

I still got to develop my photo's so i can put them up here, but i hope i don't forget it tomorrow and maybe after the weekend they will be ready.

Bye beye,





Me and my niece


This Yasmina (left)  and me (right), we're good friends and we are also family. 

Summer in marocco


Hey everyone, i made this site cause i thought it would be fun. Me and my sister senna wil update it frequently and hope we will get respons from all of you.

When our pictures from morocco come in, we will post them here. For now we will just bore you with our livesTong uitstekend